About Us

Bunch of Ice Productions was founded in 2004 as a way for two artsy guys to spend their summer. We initially used the name just for our short film project, Hamlet: A Comedy in Three Acts, but eventually extended it to all the work we'd produce together.

After a few false starts and having been put through the ringer for a couple of years by some nice men in suits, Bunch of Ice is finally hitting its stride, with some exciting projects ready to be launched.

About Owen

Owen Craig grew up in rural Ontario (seriously, there were cows and everything) before moving to Toronto, where he's lived ever since. He works days at a job too boring to mention and writes in his spare time. He is a contributing writer for MONDOmagazine and also has a theatre degree for some reason.

He reads a lot of comics. Seriously, a LOT.

About Curtis

Curtis Westman is a full-time proofreader and spare-time writer living in Toronto, Canada. He spends his days working at Grip Limited ensuring that advertising copy and layouts are as perfect as they possibly can be, but he spends his nights writing plays, short films and other lost treasures that may one day be unearthed. Whenever else he's awake, he writes for the Grip Ltd. company blog, and watches copious amounts of Beverly Hills, 90210.

He counts among his heroes John Wilmot, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Luke Perry.