Hamlet: A Comedy in Three Acts

A short film

Hamlet: A Comedy in Three Acts

What if the tragic story of Hamlet (the Prince of Denmark) had happened today? This film takes a satirical look at the story of our sweet prince as he is put into therapy and betrayed by everyone he loves. What will he do about it? Well, whine, of course! In between his several complaints, however, he still has time to neglect his girlfriend, neglect his schoolwork, and even neglect his sanity. The film's absurd spin on an equally as absurd story takes an extensive look into the lives of Hamlet, his psychiatrist, family and friends on their road to inevitable, painful, and hilarious death.

Plus, it's really silly.

Some clips follow. Copies are available for the devoted. Apologies to Nick Cave and William Goldman.


Clip #1: Hamlet's Romance

Clip #2: Hamlet's Betrayal